aurelia nicolescu       
full nameaurelia jane nicolescu akarelia, aj, lia birthdate & ageseptember 17th, 1995 & 20 hometown & current residencewoodstock, ga & hillsboro village with cece orientation & statuspansexual & single pringle occupationstudent, client services representative @ nvs
◆ aurelia has danced ballet since she was four and also spent a number of years as a competitive gymnast. her parents never forced her to participate and supported her decision to bow out of gymnastics at age thirteen so that she could focus on ballet full-time.

◆ the nicolescu family relocated to tennessee from woodstock, georgia when aurelia was twelve after her father accepted a position at the nashville zoo. he was formerly employed by zoo atlanta.

◆ aurelia's maternal grandparents still run a generations-old working farm back in georgia. her family often jokes that she never stood a chance at escaping a career with animals with it coming from both sides of her genetics.

◆ growing up in a family with an (almost back-breakingly) strong work ethic, aurelia learned to balance her time early on. her schedule has gotten her called crazy more than once, but she'd rather be busy than bored. she's not one for silence, and though she appreciates having couch potato moments as much as the next person, she prefers to be doing something productive.

◆ aurelia has been a member of ΑΣΤ, ΔΗ chapter since 2014. the sorority has given her the chance to participate in both national and local philanthropy and community outreach.

◆ while most children would have beeen happy with just a dog, aurelia had just about every type of pet growing up. from a rabbit named sprinkles to a sicilian donkey named margaret, she loved and cared for them all. in addition, her father's affinity for reptiles left her well-versed in their care and handling. her favorite was a columbian red-tailed boa named kaa.

◆ her parents gifted her a 2012 gmc terrain as a high school graduation present. it may not be a svelte little sports car, but it's her baby and caters to her love of the outdoors.

more coming soon!
lucas ➧ fathermay 2nd, 1962 (54). conservation biologist at the nashville zoo. first-generation american.
lyanna ➧ motherjanuary 29th, 1964 (52). née trebold. physical therapist. overprotective in the best ways.
tbd ➧ sistertbd
thea ➧ sisternovember 22nd, 1993 (22). bubbly. total sunshine. second grade teacher. elementary ed graduate.
alexa ➧ sisterfebruary 1st, 1997 (19). artist. adrenaline junkie.
jordan ➧ brotherjuly 23rd, 1999 (17). riding buddy. high school soccer star.
remus ➧ #1october 28th, 2014 (1). goldendoodle. little lion man. comic relief.
darian ➧ paternal grandfather june 10th, 1939 (77). no nonsense but has an extreme soft spot for his grandchildren. emigrated from romania in 1961. currently resides in athens, ga. sorina ➧ paternal grandmother december 4th, 1941 (74). typical fussy grandmother with an afinity for knitting sweaters. emigrated from romania in 1961. currently resides in athens, ga. william ➧ maternal grandfather may 28th, 1943 (73). third-generation farmer. firm believer in teaching responsibility early. relia got her love of horses from him. currently resides in sunny side, ga. melissa ➧ maternal grandmother february 27th, 1944 (72). retired kindergarten teacher. currently resides in sunny side, ga.
personality ▹ virgo the Virgo-born represent waters that run deep. Wise, witty and well spoken, the Virgo have a good understanding of human nature and can effectively help people solve their problems. ▸ positive traits analytical, intelligent, meticulous, modest, practical, reliable ▸ negative traits fastidious, fussy, harsh, overcritical ▹ ENFP ENFPs are fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, they crave creativity and freedom. ▸ strengths ✼ great communication skills
✼ excellent perception of the motives and thoughts of other people
✼ affirming and affectionate
✼ outgoing and full of energy
✼ driven to meet expectations of others
✼ strive to create agreeable situations
▸ weaknesses ✼ strongly avoids conflict
✼ strongly dislikes and avoid criticism
✼ easily bored
✼ constantly searching for the ideal relationship - may result in quick exits

schedule ▹ mon work - nashville veterinary services
psy 4300 social psychology
▹ tue work - nashville veterinary services ▹ wed csm 4015 senior capstone
work - nashville veterinary services
▹ thu HIS 2020 American Experience From Reconstruction to Cold War
rel 3090 comparative spirituality in world religions
work - nashville veterinary services
▹ misc/varies bio 4700 biological research ii
dan 3110 dance company
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